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Nick Peters
Director and Co-Founder

“I’m passionate about building and design. I believe that through meaningful exchanges with interesting people, we can build spaces that positively influence the way people live and work.”

Nick’s been an entrepreneur from the day he left school. He’s ambitious but fiercely loyal. He’s creative but focussed and solution oriented. As Co-Director and Development Manager it’s his job to put everyone at ease, make our partners want to work with us and then get the most out of the people we collaborate with. He does this naturally because he truly loves what he does, his enthusiasm is contagious and people simply enjoy working with him.

0409 542 515

James Way
Director and Co-Founder

“I know that through a commitment to innovation and collaboration, we will build a legacy as one of the most trusted and revered developers in the world. Ambitious? Yes. Unrealistic? No.”

James is our Co-Director and Development Manager, with a background in finance and accounting. He has a commerce degree, is a chartered accountant and is passionate about detail. Every. Last. One. James has built a reputation for being both trustworthy and reliable. He likes to make sure that in the constantly shifting sands of a development project, nothing gets left to chance. No creativity is without contingency and no effort is spared when it comes to quality.

0400 502 176

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